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VGE-G-RC02 Revival Collection Vol.02

Product ID: PKC00049652018
Category: EN TCG
Brand: Cardfight!! Vanguard English
Manufacturer: Bushiroad
Product Stock: OUT OF STOCK

VGE-G-RC02 [Revival Collection Vol.02]


Still wishing for some cards to be reissued?


The [Revival Collection] series returns!


If you only have decks for the Standard format and want to experience the Premium format, this release featuring popular G units and support cards from previous releases is the one you've been waiting for!

Premium format participants can also upgrade the rarity of their decks with this English exclusive release! Don't miss out on the chance to collect all the Zeroth Dragons too!


Are you premium enough?


The biggest collection of reissue cards in a single product is back!

All cards are featured with premium treatment!


Another Chance to get Gyze and All Six Zeroth Dragons!

The Six <Zeroth Dragon> and "Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze" return in this release looking more premium than ever before!

Check out the majestic "Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak, Ultima" in the order sheet!


Do you like shiny cards?


All the cards in Revival Collection will be holo!

Also, to thank you for all your support over the years, all the cards will come with frameless ability text so you get to see more of each illustration in all its full glory!


Cards & Featured Clans

Megacolony / Great Nature / Neo Nectar

Spike Brothers / Dark Irregulars /  Pale Moon / Gear Chronicle

Kagero / Nubatama / Tachikaze / Murakum / Narukami

Granblue / Bermuda Triangle / Aqua Force

Nova Grappler /  Dimension Police / Link Joker

Royal Paladin / Oracle Think Tank / Angel Feather / Shadow Paladin / Gold Paladin / Genesis


One of each of the following will be included for each clan!

  • Popular G Unit

  • G Guardian

  • Grade 1 Stride Support


Product Specifications

1 pack contains 3 random cards

1 display contains 10 packs

1 carton contains 24 displays

79 types of  holo cards [79 reissue cards] (ZR: 7 / SGR: 6 / RRR: 18 / RR: 24 / R: 24)

1 card in every pack will definitely be an RR or above card!!

All cards will receive holo treatment!

RM 180.00

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