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VGE-G-CB07SP : Divas' Festa Sneak Preview

Product ID: PKC00035952018
Category: EN TCG
Brand: Cardfight!! Vanguard English
Manufacturer: Bushiroad
Product Stock: OUT OF STOCK

Title: VGE-G-CB07SP : Divas' Festa Sneak Preview [ENGLISH]

Pack Jan Code: -

Box Jan Code: -

Brand: Vanguard (ENGLISH)

Item Type: Sneak Preview

Language: Japanese

Pre-order: Available

Pre-order Closing Date: 23/01/2018

Estimated Release Date: 20/04/2018


Each SP kit will contain 2 premium rubber playmats (1 design) and 8+1 exclusive PR cards!!

Each kit will contain 39 packs and each player will receive 4 packs!!

Remaining 7 packs serve as a prize!

Each participating cardfighter will receive an additional pack for every win!!

RM 624.00

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