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VG-V-TD06: Naoki Ishida [6 units]

Product ID: PKC00048202018
Category: JP TCG
Brand: Cardfight!! Vanguard Japanese
Manufacturer: Bushiroad
Product Stock: OUT OF STOCK

Trial Deck of "Takami" handled by "Ishida Naoki" of Miyaji Gakuen CF department appeared!
· Clan type is "Accel"! You can experience overwhelming attacks with recorded front trigger!
· The third booster release on December 14 (Friday) "Miyaji Gakuen CF Department" can further strengthen!
· The RRR specification is "Great Compo Uga Dragon", "Recklessness Dragon", "Lizard Soldier Liki"
The other one will shine randomly from among other recording cards (11 kinds + unit gift 1 kind total 12 kinds)!

RM 450.00

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