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 VGE-V-BT03 Miyaji Academy CF Club

Product ID: PKC00049122018
Category: EN TCG
Brand: Cardfight!! Vanguard English
Manufacturer: Bushiroad
Product Stock: IN STOCK

With the increase in number of types of VR, the rate of getting a VR is increased too!!
Random displays will include two VRs instead!
This booster can strengthen the 《Oracle Think Tank》 clan's Trial Deck Vol.05 "Misaki Tokura" and the 《Narukami》 clan's Trial Deck Vol.06 "Naoki Ishida"!!
《Nubatama》 decks can be constructed with just this booster!!
"Blaster Blade" will get a special reissue with SP treatment!

VGE-V-BT03 [Miyaji Academy CF Club]
The boost from V-BT03 for [Royal Paladin] will build on what began in V-MB01,  allowing new and existing players to explore new combinations of cards and new playstyle for their decks.
[Oracle Think Tank] sees the reappearance of an old archetype, with an extremely flashy effect for its VR! Naturally, many nostalgic cards with ‘Magus’ in their names will be included in this booster for players to use. In Addition to the new archetype, there will be other cards that players will want to splash into their existing decks for both defense and offense.
[Gold Paladin] which was recently released in V-EB03 gets another boost building on the characteristic ability of [Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel]. Concurrently, V-BT03 also includes cards that can help mitigate the shortfalls of the hyper-aggressive gameplay [Gold Paladin] is capable of, the lack of resources.
Sporting a brand new look, [Nubatama] enters the V series as a Protect Clan. However, it remembers its origins in manipulating your opponent, allowing this clan to have immense defensive and disruptive methods at their disposal. Nonetheless, this great capability naturally comes at a great cost as players will have to manage the plethora of strong abilities well to be effective.
Introduced in V-TD06, [Narukami] gets a huge boost. Its signature unit synergizes well with the core mechanic introduced in V-TD06. Many iconic cards that experienced players will remember, will also make their reappearance. Staying true to its original identity as shock troopers and its new capability as an Accel Clan, the cards featured in V-BT03 maintains compatibility with existing Premium decks.

RM 272.00

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