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Frequently Asked Questions

Vital Brace Device Specifications

1. Is my device waterproof?
  • No
2. How long will the battery last?
  • Up to 18 hours
3. How long will take to charge?
  • 4 hours
4. Can I clean my Vital Brace with a soft dry cloth?
  • Yes
5. Can I use liquids to clean my Vital Brace?
  • No
6. I heard there are different versions of Vital Brace being sold is this true?
  • No
7. Is there such thing as a Japanese version of Vital Brace?
  • No
8. Are all Vital Braces being sold in Japan and Malaysia the same?
  • Yes
9. What language does the Vital Brace use?
  • Universal Standard and Japanese
10. What is Universal Standard?
  • A combination of English and Symbols
11. How does the Vital Brace use the Japanese Language?
  • Digimon name and short animations
12. My Vital Brace has a manufacturing defect can I get it replace?
  • Yes, please contact the KC Distribution Sdn Bhd retail partner you purchased the device from for assistance
13. Do I need to keep the original packaging?
  • Yes
14. How long is the warranty period?
  • One year from manufacturing
15. What does the warranty cover?
  • Manufacturing defects only
16. My Vital Brace got wet and doesn’t work can I claim the warranty?
  • No
17. I accidently dropped my Vital brace can I claim the warranty?
  • No


1. I Heard There’s An English Version Of The Mobile Application, Is It Ready?
  • No
2. Do You Know When The English Version Will Be Launched?
  • Date Is To Be Confirmed
3. I’m Using An Android Device; How Do I Know It Will Be Compatible?
  • Your Device Will Need Android 8.0 And Above
4. I’m Using An Apple Phone; How Do I Know It Will Be Compatible?
  • Your Device Will Need Ios 13 And Above
5. Does My Device Need An NFC Reader?
  • Yes
6. I Don’t Have A Smartphone Can I Still Play With The Device?
  • Yes, Of Course


1. Can I Share My DIM Card With My Friends?
  • No
2. My DIM Card Can Only Be Paired With One Vital Brace?
  • Yes
3. I Accidently Paired My DIM Card With My Friend Can I Get A Replacement?
  • No