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Vanguard Master Cup (VMC) 2019 Malaysia

19 Sep 2019, on

Vanguard Master Cup 2019


An event where only the best fighters can participate!
A tournament that will bring the best in the fighters!
The winner will receive the highest title of "Master of Vanguard"
This is the Vanguard Masters Cup (VMC)!


VMC Shop Qualifiers


A special tournament for the Malaysian scene coming from Japan. Participants will receive special promo cards that will make their experience an even fitting one. There are two layers for this, the VMC Shop Qualifiers and the VMC Finals.


The VMC Shop Qualifiers run from 1st September until 13th October 2019. For each shop qualifier, the Top 16 players will receive a special promo and the Top 3 will receive an invitation to the all-invite finals.


Please look at the published schedule list from here: VMC Shop Qualifer


Shop Qualifiers Prizes

Top 16


Participation promo: Flash Shield, Iselut


Top 3


Invitation to the Finals



For Brunei shop qualifiers, one qualifying winner will be sponsored a return flight and accommodation for the duration of the VMC Finals at Kuala Lumpur. A special playoff tournament will happen on the 6th October 2019 between the qualified players right after their last shop qualifier will occur.


For Sarawak shop qualifiers, there will be a special qualifier tournament that will be held on the 6th October 2019, where the qualified invitees have a chance to fight against each other and the winner will be sponsored a return flight and accommodation for the duration of the VMC Finals at Kuala Lumpur.


In case the winner is underaged, an adult (family or guardian) must attend him/her during the trip. KC Distribution will pay for one attendee expenses (flight ticket and accommodation).


Vanguard Master Cup Final


Venue: The Linc, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 19 October 2019


The VMC Finals will be held on the 19th October 2019. This is an invitational only final where the best-of-the-best players from each shop qualifier will participate and see who will become the Vanguard Master Cup Champion!


Final Prizes

Top 8


Darkness Maiden, Macha





Dragonic Overlord "The Victory"



Top 4 winning players of the Finals will receive the Vanguard Master Cup 2019 Champion Certificate.


We do hope players will try their best to win the VMC and become the “Master of Vanguard”!!!